Liz & Patrick’s New Hampshire Camp Wedding

Liz and Patrick hosted their friends for a long camp wedding weekend at Loch Lyme Lodge in New Hampshire this past fall. The weekend had an unconventional schedule. Liz, Patrick and their community relaxed and played on the lake and grounds, followed with pizza and dancing and finally a bonfire on Saturday. Guests had coffee and tea for the ceremony on Sunday morning by the lake, which was followed by a brunch in the tent. The ceremony featured a grand entrance not only from Liz but also from Patrick coming in on a canoe, which he planned as a surprise for the guests. I love it when grooms getĀ involved the planning like this. Bicycles featured prominently as Liz and Patrick met while doing bike related work, and they made their getaway from the ceremony on an old tandem bike. Liz rocked the flannel over her wedding dress so much that I think it will be in style next year (I hope so). Flowers by the always fabulous Valley Flower Company.

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